Madrid Stone Bridge: In 1880, the people of Madrid began to discuss the replacement of their log bridge. The first bridge that was built in the winter of 1803-4 had been rebuilt and repaired a number of times. The Town considered wood, stone, and iron for the new bridge. Special town meetings were held on April 4th, and May 13th, 1882 to discuss raising funds for the new bridge and to appoint a committee to work with the highway commissioners. “The plan and specifications were procured of Hinds & Hodgkins of Watertown, N.Y. , and the contract to build of stone work given to M.L. & M.A. Cleveland of the same place. The contract for the iron railing was awarded to Gates Curtis of Ogdensburg.” (Curtis, Gates: History of St. Lawrence County, NY, Pub.1894) The bridge construction began on Monday August 23, 1882 and was completed, without delay or accident, in three months. A temporary wooden bridge was built upstream and below the dam. The engineers and stonemasons who designed and built the bridge came from Scotland. The stone was quarried from the end of the dam, on the northwest end of the bridge. The piers, 6 feet wide and 26 feet long, rest on the rock bed of the stream. The bridge is 400 feet in length with nine arches: one 32, one 36, and seven 38 feet spans. The cost of the bridge, including grading, etc., was nearly $17,000. On Tuesday, November 28, 1882 the completion of the bridge “was celebrated… with music, speeches, and an elegant dinner served in the town hall.” (Curtis, Gates: History of St. Lawrence County, NY, Pub. 1894) “The fire department and citizens, accompanied by the many visitors of the surrounding towns, formed in line on the public square and, led by Professor Easton’s full band, marched to the center of the bridge where, after appropriate ceremonies, preparations were made for the laying of a corner store.” (D.K.: Town Correspondence, Ogdensburg Advance, Pub. Nov 30, 1882)

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